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The Myths and Truths About Prepaid Plans Prepaid cell phones plans are a great substitute to expensive monthly cell phone plans for numerous reasons. Both individual consumers and businesses are turning to prepaid cell service verses conventional monthly cell service to save money, stay in touch and to experience the freedom of having a no contract cell phone.

Interesting Facts:
• 91% of American’s have a cell phone
• 25% of those users have prepaid plans
• 7% percent are between the ages of 18-24
• 55% have incomes below $40,000 annually

There are many common myths associated with prepaid cell service and all of these myths are untrue. Surely you’ve heard someone say prepaid phones …
..are for kids.
…are for people that don’t use phones much.
…can’t text or take pictures.
…are for people who have bad credit.
…are for people who can’t afford good service.

Did they have evidence to back their statement up? Below we have taken the top three myths that people say about prepaid plans; we will let you decide if it is Myth or Truth.

Prepaid Service Equals Dumb Phone
One of the most common myths is that prepaid cellular phones are dumb phones with no frills. Everybody wants a Smart Phone nowadays and many believe that having a Smart Phone requires having an expensive monthly cell phone plan. This is simply not true. Prepaid cell plans are available for Smart Phones – there is even talk of the iPhone being available on a prepaid plan in the near future; these phones, when set up on a prepaid plan, can save users upwards of $100 a month!

Prepaid Service Equals No Talk Time
A lot of people believe that prepaid phone service is only for people who rarely use their phones. They believe that if you use your phone on a daily basis for talking, texting or web browsing, that an expensive monthly service plan is their only option. This is a myth. Prepaid companies have many choices to choose from, ensuring that users have a service plan that works for them. Many companies offer unlimited text, talk and web for a fraction of the cost of traditional cell plans. For those that don’t need unlimited, there are numerous options in the middle, from thirty minutes to two thousand minutes. The choices are in the hands of the user.

Prepaid Service is for Cheapskates
Choosing to switch to a prepaid cell plan is smart thinking but many believe that it means you are hurting for money and can’t afford a traditional plan. Personally, I love saving money anywhere I can. If I can save as little as $50 in a month on a cell phone you can be assured that I am jumping on that. An extra $50 could mean a new outfit, a special outing or perhaps a start to a vacation fund. Choosing prepaid cell phones is a smart choice for those on a budget; the price will always remain the same and will always be considerably lesser then non-prepaid plans. You can save anywhere from $50 to $100 each month on your cell phone service just by using a straight talk promotional code, all without compromising call quality. These are the primary advantages when choosing to go with a pre-paid service versus traditional cell phone carriers.