How Does Straight Talk Work for Pre-Paid Cell Phones?

How Does Straight Talk Work for Pre-Paid Cell Phones?

Pay as you go phones are becoming popular – and the best way to save is by buying a Straight Talk Cell Phone. Straight Talk shares its' network with Verizon, which is one of the strongest mobile networks around. Straight Talk offers unlimited minutes, text messaging and unlimited web browsing.

The increased popularity of cell phones has created many options available to you. Over 70% of the population has a mobile phone, that’s over 5 million people, worldwide. Many people are moving towards the pay as you go option. Straight Talk is one of the cheapest pre-paid phone services on the market today.

Straight Talk cell phones are paid at the beginning of each 30 day cycle. There are no long term contracts required, and since you pay at the beginning of the billing cycle, no credit checks are required.

Now that you have decided to move to the pre-paid cell phone service, your first step is to get a Straight Talk promo code and use it to get started. You will need to purchase a Straight Talk phone. You can go to any participating Walmart to purchase your phone, but it may not be the best way to capture the discount.

There are several different Straight Talk phones to choose from. The phones offer different features. Voice mail, Bluetooth, picture messaging, IM instant messaging, mobile web browsing, and caller ID are some of the features offered. You will need to decide which features you require before picking out the phone that is right for you. Once your phone is purchased, you will need to decide on a plan.

There are a couple of Straight Talk plans to choose from. Check them out carefully. The basic 30-Day plan for $45 gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited text messaging and unlimited web access. There are also Straight Talk extended pay plans available that will offer you a discount for paying for several months in advance.

You will need to maintain your service in order to keep your phone number.  There are 3 options available to you to keep your Straight Talk phone service active. The first is to set your account to auto-refill. Your Straight Talk phone will automatically refill at the end of each 30 day billing cycle. Your credit card or debit card will be charged automatically. The second option is to choose from the extended Straight Talk service plans. You will pay for several months at a time in advance to that particular cycle. Lastly, you can log into your account at the end of each cycle and reload your minutes. Please also note, that if you refill your Straight Talk phone service before the 30-Day cycle, your remaining minutes will not carry over to the next cycle.

At any time during your service with Straight Talk, you do have the ability to upgrade your phone. You will need to go to your account and transfer your phone number. You will be able to transfer any remaining minutes from your other Straight Talk phone to your new Straight Talk phone.

Should you decide to give up your phone service, there are no termination fees since there is no contract. Get started now, and take advantage of the savings you will get by leveraging the most recent promotions found here for your next cell phone and portable communication needs.


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