Pre-Paid Carriers Help You Get the Same Coverage as Major Carriers

When you use any of these resources to make a more informed decision before buying a new pre-paid cell phone and plan online, you can rest assured that you will be getting the same service as you would with any major nationwide carrier. This is because they have contracts with many other large cell companies. They have agreements with these carriers whereby they pay a certain amount to have shared use of the major cell towers. In fact, one could argue that their users get better coverage, since their provider shares towers between all the major phone companies, while other providers stick with their own towers. For this reason, it is a wise investment for anyone who wants to use a cell phone nationwide without fear of losing coverage or reliability.

Before you start looking however, make sure that you can get coverage in your area. The fastest way to determine if your area gets coverage is to go to the their website and click “shop phones.” You will be asked to enter your ZIP code and based on where you live there may be a different selection of phones and plans available to you. While almost all areas are covered, every area has a different assortment of phones that are allowed.

If you live in Chicago or New York, you will be eligible for most of the phones and plans. On the other hand, if you live in Point of Rocks, Wyoming - a town with a population of three, you will be able to get Straight Talk coverage, but you may not have access to their full range of phones and plans. Make sure you know which phones, plans and offers are available in your region, and adjust your search accordingly.

There are other ways of determining the phone and coverage options in your area. Go to their website to find the official coverage map. In addition, a Google search may turn up discussions and experiences other users have had. You may find that someone has had a problem getting service in your area. Since they cover a very wide range of areas, it is unlikely that you will find a problem. Nonetheless, it is important to verify that your area is covered before you start looking at the various Straight Talk options.

Just because you use a pre-paid cell phone provider, you should not expect to get inferior service. They can keep you covered, connected, and plugged in to the world around you. By taking advantage of the available cell phone infrastructure all across the country, Straight Talk is able to provide coverage to almost every region. If questions of whether or not you will be covered are keeping you from using them, do not let this stop you. Chances are you will get service wherever you live - so your next question should be, “where do I find the newest Straight Talk Phones in 2013?” The answer is right here and the benefits and options have been provided to make a more informed decision just visit this site to get informed and buy your next cell phone online.


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