Pre-Paid Cell Phone Comparison and Buying Guide

Which Pre-Paid Cell Phone Is Right For You? Use This Cell Phone Comparison and buying Guide.

Many people choose Straight Talk because they want a cell phone and service that delivers the best value for the money. However, just because you are watching your budget does not mean you have to get a cheap, boring old cell phone. With a these special, limited time offers, you can get a great deal on a great cell phone with all the must-have features that some of the best cell phones come equipped with today. In this blog, we will take a look at three of their most full-featured phones, benefits and compare some of the features of each. Of course, they can all be a great value if you remember to use them correctly.

The TracFone LG800G and LG900G have both been reviewed "great." These classic flip-style phones have texting, bluetooth capability and a VGA camera. The LG800G comes priced at $69.99 and the LG900G is priced at $49.99. These phones are also great values for anyone who wants all the modern features but does not want to overspend. One problem however, with the LG900G is that it has a relatively low standby battery life. With only 4 days of standby time for each charge, you will need to keep your charger handy if you decide on this phone. Some folks would argue this battery life is more than adequate for their needs.

The LG800G is money well spent on this particular phone. It comes with all the features of the 900G. It also includes mobile web and a sleek touch-screen design. This cell phone also has a more impressive battery life, with 8 days of standby time. If you are trying to decide which of these two phones is more worthy, the LG800G might be a better choice depending upon your specific needs.

Next on the list is one of the New Straight Talk Phones, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, which you can buy online for $79.99. International texting and a large 3.2" touch-screen is included. The standby time is up to 9-days and it is GPS-enabled. The Samsung T404G may be also fit your requirements and is also one of the best available. With a $89.99 price tag, the T404G may seem like a costly phone. However, it is actually one of the best values Straight Talk has to offer. This phone is also the most fully-featured phone you will find through the online store. It comes with all the same features the other phones have as well as a keypad lock, a slider QWERTY keyboard and one of the longest-lasting batteries available in a phone of its capability: 7 hours talk time and 14.5 days standby time! That $89.99 seems a lot less expensive when you consider everything this phone has to offer.

Of course, you may decide otherwise. These are only three of these New Straight Talk Phones and offers that you may decide upon. Just take a good look at the “Browse All Phones” section on their website and this Pre-Paid Cell Phone Comparison and you are bound to find the best phone for your own personal needs.


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