Pricing and Plans For Straight Talk Cell Phones

Pricing and Plans For Straight Talk Cell Phones

Buying one of the latest Free Straight Talk Phones are a great way to save while you get started with a cheaper alternative to high priced mobile calling plans. With their unlimited talk, unlimited texting and unlimited web browsing, you can save a lot of money. Straight Talk is one of the best and most cost effective, pre-paid phone services available. With no contracts and no credit checks it is no wonder so many people are moving to these great cell phones for their mobile cellular needs.

Before picking a plan, you will first need get one of the most recent Free Straight Talk Phones. You can go directly to Straight Talk’s website or to any participating Walmart store. You will need to get the most savings with your new pre-paid phone(s) and plan. The phones offer everything from caller ID to Bluetooth, so decide what you will want to use your phone and phone service for before picking out your new phone.  These Free Straight Talk Phones range from free up to about $200, all depending on the phone’s features.

There are several excellent cell phone devices to choose from. Currently a reconditioned LG 420G with features offering VGA Camera, mobile web services, Bluetooth wireless technology, MMS picture messaging, text messaging, caller ID, voice mail and call waiting is occasionally available for free. There are several smart phones to choose from as well. There are a couple phones available for around $39.99 and a couple around $59.99. The Nokia E5 smart phone with many features including, Bluetooth wireless technology, MMS picture messaging, camera and video recording, free voice guided technology and mobile web service is available for only $199.

Once your phone is purchased, you will need to add the Straight Talk 30-day service plan that is right for you. There are basically 2 plans to choose from:

At $30 for a 30-day cycle, you can get 1000 nationwide minutes and 1000 texts or picture messaging (sent and received). This Straight Talk plan gives you 30 MB of mobile web browsing. There is no contract.

The Straight Talk 30-day unlimited plan for $45 allows you unlimited nationwide minutes, text and picture messaging, and unlimited mobile web browsing. There is no contract.

To save a little bit more money, use a Straight Talk promo code to get an unlimited plan in three, six or one year increments as well. The 3 month Straight Talk unlimited plan is currently $125.99. The 6 month Straight Talk unlimited plan is currently $249.99. The one-year Straight Talk unlimited plan is currently $499. Please buy online here for a discount or visit any participating Walmart store for the most current pricing and to check for any New Straight Talk Phones.

If you are one of the millions of mobile phone users who are tired of paying high prices for their wireless phone, and you are sick of being charged outrageous overage fees, Straight Talk is definitely the answer for you. Take a look at your recent mobile phone usage, and use a valid smart phone discount when bought online to get started with the cell phone plan that best fits your cell phone needs and requirements.


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